• Conveyancing Services
    We provide swift, efficient and cost effective
    legal solutions for all your Residential
    and Commercial Conveyancing needs.
  • Asylum and Immigration Law Help in London
    We have a specialist Immigration Team
    that can help with all your
    Immigration and Asylum Matters.
  • Business immigration help and assistance in London
    We can provide solutions to
    Companies and Businesses
    seeking registration with the Home Office
    as a Licensed Body.
  • Help with all education law matters
    Our Education Department can deal with all
    aspects of your Education Matters including
    Special Education Needs.
  • Help for Landlords and Tenants
    We can assist you with all your Landlord and Tenant
    disputes including representation at court
    if required.
  • Employment Law specialists in London
    We can help you to find a legal solution to your
    Employment Dispute and draft and advise on
    Settlement Agreements.
R.O.C.K Solicitors

Providing legal solutions to your problems

R.O.C.K Solicitors

R.O.C.K Solicitors is one of the country's fastest growing firm of solicitors in Balham. We pride ourselves with the ability to provide efficient and reliable service to both corporate entities and private individuals.

We have extensive experience in dealing with areas of Law which includes but not limited to Civil Litigation, Conveyancing Matters (Residential and Commercial), Debt Matters, Education Matters, Employment Matters, Immigration and Asylum Matters, Landlord & Tenant, and Public Law.

We realise that efficiency, commitment and professionalism are very important to people. We aim to resolve your problems through the law by providing you with an efficient and able service.

We are committed to helping you find a resolution to your legal problems. We are professional in our approach and can help you navigate your way through the legal complexities to achieve the best possible solution for your legal matters.

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  • law society accredited immigration and asylum specialists
  • Law Society Accredited